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We know our customers want to learn more about the liquid vitamin industry just as much as we do, so we came to you with a vitamin industry news forum. Fortunately our team here at Matsun Nutrition is always eager to learn and help you along the way when building your liquid supplement and vitamin business. Starting your business in the vitamin industry can be scary, but with the help of Matsun Nutrition it can be a breeze. Our friendly team of sales reps, chemists and formulators are always ready to help you private label or custom formulate the vitamin of your dreams. Starting a business in the vitamin industry is no longer difficult with the help our experienced team with over 20 years of experience in the liquid supplement industry. We are a full-service vitamin contract manufacturer and private label specialist with a simple, turn-key solution. We understand that your success in the industry is our success as well, so equipping you with the required vitamin industry news is our commitment to our customers.

Here at Matsun Nutrition, we provide current supplement industry news.  Much of this news comes from well established and respected supplement industry experts and online sources.  If there is a particular topic you would like to know more about, feel free to contact us with your suggestions.

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