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Manufacturing GMP vitamins:  NSF Certified Vitamins and FDA Compliant Vitamins

Quality control is important in every industry and this is especially true when it comes to manufacturing GMP vitamins.  In the vitamin and supplement industry, the two main qualifications to look for are NSF certification and GMP compliance.  If a supplement manufacturer does not have these, you’ll know it’s time to keep looking.  Matsun Nutrition offers its customers a full-service, turnkey solutions to meet their business needs.  Our private label and contract manufacturing programs include everything from research and development, shelf life stability testing, custom supplement test batching, product flavor sampling, packaging, logistics and shipping, custom logo and label design and more. For private label orders, our in-house graphics design team will work closely with you to make sure that you get a label design that you can be proud or to help you create a new and exciting design to use for your new brand of vitamins or supplements.

We are also an NSF certified cGMP compliant contract manufacturer along with our private labeling program services. Our diligent and qualified technicians always put in their best efforts to help support our goals as a USA liquid nutraceutical manufacturer. To maintain consistent high quality liquid vitamins and supplements we have made sure to institute strict compliance procedures that adhere to FDA compliant vitamins guidelines and standards.  If a factory doesn’t have the ability to produce GMP vitamins, then they probably aren’t worth the risk.

In-House cGMP Compliance Team

Our in-house regulatory consultants will make sure that your label is compliant with all FDA standards.  All liquid vitamin and supplement products are manufactured in our FDA compliant vitamins inspected facility which is also NSF certified and registered.  See the NSF.org website to confirm our listing.  When a company says that they are an NSF certified vitamins contract manufacturer, it means that they have reached a certain standard of quality that most companies have not.   This means that Matsun Nutrition does more testing than non-certified companies. It means that Matsun Nutrition has a higher level of quality for the products that we produce. In short, NSF certification helps to ensure that you are getting the type of product that you think you are.

Our USA manufacturing facility that we use to produce all of our GMP vitamins has ample room to handle any size order, from small sample orders to large, full scale production runs for Fortune 500 companies.  Matsun Nutrition is both a wholesale contract manufacturer and private label supplier.  You can choose from our list of over 30 stock formulas or we can customize formulations to meet your specific needs.  Here at Matsun Nutrition, we make sure that your orders are shipped out fast!  Most small orders normally ship within 24-48 hours.  Larger orders take just a few days more.  We ship nationwide and can ship internationally as well.  Whatever you need, we’re here to help you succeed.  We also have some of the best freight shipping prices around to help save you a few extra bucks!

Take A Tour Of Our NSF Certified cGMP Compliant Facility

We invite you visit us and to tour our production facility located in Murrieta, California to view first hand all that goes into producing GMP vitamins.  You will be able to compare our contract manufacturing systems, processes and procedures to other companies in the industry.  Matsun Nutrition conducts semi-annual third party inspections by three separate agencies and organizations as well as periodic internal audits to ensure strict compliance of all quality control policies and cGMP standard operating procedures. Rest assured that you have found the highest quality in liquid vitamin and supplement manufacturers.

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