The Popularity of Nutra Manufacturing In 2016

Nutra manufacturing is one of the fastest growing manufacturing industries largely due to the expanding global market making it the most rewarding business venture for startups in 2016. Furthermore, according to statistics, the remarkable growth of the nutraceutical manufacturing is expected to continue in the near future mostly due to the increasing consumer spending on liquid nutraceuticals and healthy functional food. Some of the factors that have contributed to this outstanding growth include:

Expanding Products Niche

Unlike a few years back when nutra manufacturing only involved a few select products, the range of modern products is now extensive. Today’s nutraceutical manufacturing companies offer a wide range of products that include organic vitamins, antioxidants, multivitamins, essential fatty acids and weight loss nutraceuticals among others for different individuals that include elderly, children, pregnant women and adults. Individually, every type of supplement is worth billions. For example, according to the Packaged Facts 2014 report, the kid-specific food dietary foods were expected to jump from $32 billion in 2013 to $41 billion in 2018. Furthermore, according to Nutrition Business Journal, the antioxidant market reached an all time high of $6 billion in 2014.

Health Benefits Awareness

Over the last few years, advances in research and studies about specific ingredients of liquid nutraceuticals have helped increase sales. The awareness could be through the word of mouth, media coverage, word-of-mouth from colleagues and relatives, recommendations from health practitioners, advertisements and labels. Furthermore, the increased awareness on the relation between the supplements and good health is also a major factor to the increased growth. Unlike a few years ago when people would only get concerned once they get sick, today’s people are more concerned about prevention, which is the main aim of nutraceutical manufacturing.

Improved Quality and Safety

Before individuals buy liquid nutraceuticals, one question they always ask is whether the supplement is safe. The supplement industry has progressed over the last few years with more and more consumers now more satisfied with the quality and safety of vitamins. Before, many individuals did not understand what to look out for in a high-quality supplement, but consumer awareness programs by the FDA have enabled people to easily spot a quality supplement on the shelves largely due to third party certifications. Today, every top quality nutra manufacturing company displays various certifications such as FDA and GMP on the labels of their products as a quality assurance sign.

Improved Sourcing and Distribution Channels 

A few years ago, finding quality liquid nutraceuticals on the market was a challenge. You had to walk into the available few nutritional stores in town to find a few select products from the leading nutraceutical manufacturing companies at a hefty price. Today, you can purchase any type of supplement from any nutra manufacturing company without leaving your doorstep thanks to online stores such as Amazon. Furthermore, the availability of the supplements whenever consumers want them has allowed consumers to try other types of liquid nutraceuticals resulting in the growth of related products.


The development of private labeling and contract manufacturing has allowed many businesses to offer customized nutraceutical supplements to suit individual needs ranging from tastes to packaging, labeling, ingredients and colors. Moreover, customization has enabled nutraceutical manufacturing companies to create different versions of same product to capture a larger market base.