Private Label Pet Supplements

Just like humans, pets require extra nutrition. This is why private label pet supplements, especially the liquid ones have dominated the market. It’s estimated that in 2017 over $70 billion will be spent on pets in the United States. As a globally recognized private label pet supplements manufacturer, we are committed to growing with you every step of the way. Besides that, we provide custom formulation as well as free label design for all products you purchase from us. Our manufacturing facility is FDA compliant and is in full compliance with good manufacturing practices. We have what it takes to satisfy any growing business, no matter how fast it’s expanding.

What makes our private label pet supplements popular?

We produce some of the finest ingredients for pets in the world. Just like the human supplements, our product specialists use the same level of diligence when manufacturing pet products. On top of that, we use modern manufacturing equipment with third-party accreditation to give your business a peace of mind. Our hi-tech manufacturing facility has the capacity to produce more than one million units a day. Currently, we offer over 1000 private label formulas to help you choose which product to bring to the market. Above all, we offer the best turnaround times in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing products that meet and exceed our customer expectations.

Who would benefit from our private label pet supplements?

We offer a range of private label supplement services to retailers and resellers. You can either choose our formulations, or we can work with you to produce a custom formulation specifically designed for your business. On the other hand, we’ll help you come with the perfect packaging. Our graphics team of designers will use digital printers to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd. In addition to that, we work hard to get you the most competitive prices. Whether you are just getting started or you have a large company that requires extra production capacity, we are here to help you.

private label pet supplements

Health benefits of private label pet supplements

Most commercial foods for pets lack essential vitamins. To fill this void, you need to give your pets’ proper amount of nutrition on daily basis. Ideally, supplements ensure the skin of your pet is healthy and most importantly their digestive system is functioning properly. Other benefits include;

· Alleviates pet’s joint pain

· Increases joint mobility

· Increases cartilage regeneration

· Strengthened immune system

· Improve kidney and liver function

· Promotes overall well-being

· Helps in weight management

Our supplements contain minerals and antioxidants. They are made from natural ingredients and are very effective.

Why you should start a pet supplement business

In the last few years, pet owners have acknowledged the power of supplements. One of the contributing factors to the rapid market growth is the increase in the number of patents in the marketplace. Secondly, most pet owners want their pets to live longer. This is a good reason why you should take advantage of this market. Just like the health and wellness industry, the pet industry is strong and is growing stronger. This means the income potential is limitless. When your customers note a remarkable difference in energy levels and overall well-being of their pets, they will become repeat customers.

Effective ways to market your private label pet supplements

The best way to maximize your profit is by coming up with a strong marketing strategy. In order to generate customer loyalty, you should concentrate on private labeling. This way, you can create multiple brands of the same product. This is a strong selling point. Secondly, you should come up with unique packaging. Ideally, your packaging should serve as a tool for differentiation when there is a wide range of similar products in the market. It not only protects your product but also adds an intrinsic value. Having said all that, you should embark on serious digital marketing through the use of social media to reach your core audience.

Why choose us as your private label pet supplements manufacturer

By choosing us as your manufacturer for pet supplements, we’ll help you set up your business right from the start. To begin with, you’ll cut on costs associated with product development and formulation. We’ll also keep you updated with the trending ingredients all year round. Our scientists will advise you on the best product for your customers. We are certain you’ll be happy with the quality of our pet supplements as well as the standards of our facility. Remember, you can always take advantage of our minimum orders to grow your business at a manageable pace.

Let us help you build something special. Contact our customer service team, and we’ll be happy to assist you.